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Family owned and operated for over 30 years! An exceptionally large selection of bulk herbs as well as culinary spices and green teas.


And so it is with Healthylife Nutrition. The siren call of retirement has been beckoning for some time, and we have decided to answer it. We will be closing as of December 31st of this year. In the meantime, all existing stock and even some special orders will be sold at substantial discounts. DON'T MISS OUT!

We want to thank those loyal customers who truly walked the talk in supporting us over the years. It has been a pleasure serving you.





Healthylife Nutrition has been a part of Kamloops for over 30 years. It has always been a locally owned and operated family business. As such we are in tune with the day to day health needs of our customers.


There are many reasons that people go to health food stores. Some believe in being proactive and supplying their bodies with the ingredients they need to stay fit. Others have immediate issues they are trying to overcome. And some have been through the mill with conventional treatments and drugs. Whatever the circumstances, at Healthylife Nutrition we believe in taking the time and spending the effort to satisfy our customers’ needs.


As in any industry, there will be fads that come and go. By being aware of the science behind different ingredients, we can make better decisions about what is and isn’t valuable. All of us at Healthylife Nutrition regularly attend online training sessions with experts in the field who explain the value of products and have the documentation to backup their claims. By knowing the actions of individual ingredients and the way they affect the body we are able to make recommendations according to an individuals age, gender etc.


The most rewarding part of this business is seeing tangible improvements to a customers health and well being. The best and most memorable days are those when a customer comes in or calls to let you know that your supplement recommendations have literally changed their life for the better.




MyHealthyLife DNA Kits
are Now Available at Healthylife Nutrition!


Ask us for detials in-store and check out this video to learn more about the world of precision wellness:



Who We Are


What makes a health food store stand out? One of the first things is customer service. At Healthylife Nutrition we make a point of getting to know our customers – what they like, what they don’t like, what works for them and what they have tried that doesn’t work. What their life-style is and how it affects their health. This allows us to narrow down the potential solutions and make relevant suggestions. It is not unusual for us to have customers who have moved away, call and ask our advice or place orders to be shipped to their new location.


Another defining quality is availability of unique products. We pride our-selves on starting locally and working our way out. Where possible, we have locally made items or locally grown/produced products. From there we expand our horizons, always with an eye to efficacy. One of our favourites is the Health First line. The products are top notch and often contain ingredients not found in any other product lines. The proof is, as they say, in the pudding, and these products do not disappoint. Rave reviews from customers are not uncommon.


In the same vein, we feature a line of over two hundred bulk herbs and spices along with bulk teas. Many people have experience with herbs or know of recipes that work well for their particular condition. We also have many recipes, which have been passed along to us from other customers or come from the variety of books we have on the subject. By having the items in bulk, people are able to buy just the quantities that they want.

In today’s world most people are mindful of their budget. As much as they would like to eat only the best and most nutritious foods, the cost can be so prohibitive that they must make do with lesser quality items. This is where supplements can be a good option to acquire the needed ingredients for optimal health. At Healthylife Nutrition we seek out the best products at an affordable price. We maintain very competitive everyday pricing and also have frequent sales with even greater savings, We have a generous point system which is redeemed as money off instead of a discount coupon. In addition we offer seniors a ten percent discount on all regular priced items every day.







Healthylife Nutrition

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